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Internet Marketing and SEO for Dentist

Internet marketing and SEO for Dentist

After discussing with many dentists a fact has come upon that still now most of them are not so conscious about dental advertising. But the truth is that the future of your dental service directly associated with the patients flow. And never hamper the bottom line of your business with the illusions of saving expenditures. If you are feeling relaxed after imposing the task to a local marketing agency, then for your concern a thing must be informed to you, in most of the cases it is found that local marketing consultants do not have proficiency in online dental marketing ideas.

Hire an SEO specialist to manipulate your online presence

If you are paying attention in succeeding online advertisement spectrum, an organic SEO stratagem is indispensible; it remains the most vital part of any business branding exertions and online presence. If your website fails to stay into the first few position of Google ranking then it will become tough for your website to attain online reorganization and as a consequence your business will be affected as well. The job of a professional SEO specialist is to put the website in front of the potential patients who search for dental service in your locality.

When it comes to SEO, success cannot come in hurry, only methodical approach can smoothen the road towards success, constructing vigorous content profile sprawling over months and years- is the best path to keep up a sustainable, high performing search engine existence. Maintaining an efficient search engine optimization program is time consuming and apart from that it demands professional knowledge about the ever transforming ranking provisos that the major search engine utilizes to display the searched result. There is no clear-cut stratagem to gain overnight success; wide varieties of parameters determine your position at Google ranking. To deliver the most useful data to the users Google changes its algorithm at a regular interval. Hence focused, sustainable and genuine effort is needed for consistent result. You may have read several topics on the strategies of dental marketing, but without having expertise on dental web site marketing it is hard for you to implement those strategies in right way at proper time. If you want growth then you must hire a dental marketing consultant to decide the fact in which way the marketing for dentist should be done for your dental clinic.

Make the website the online spokesperson of your clinic

In simple words SEO can be explained as a process that is used to be seen on the search results of major search engines. While discussing with the dentists about their dental marketing strategies a fact has aroused that online marketing is the most underused marketing tool in their spectrum and naturally the most miscomprehended. Slowly but steadily the scenario is being changed, by applying web of stratagems you have to make your website interesting in the eyes of Google as well as in the perspective of potential patients. Your website is the online face of your service, hence it must be carefully represented, and the website must echo your service ethics. The proffered service details must be mentioned elaborately in easy language. Though nowadays constructing a website is not hard due to the blessings of several applications but creating a website is an art which can be accomplished perfectly, subtly only by the professionals. Hence instead of investing your time and energy upon dental website design, endow them upon the other components of establishing or maintaining the business. Besides all these the website must be mobile friendly as now many people actively use Internet from their smart phone.

Google ranking matters the most

Generally Google prefers those sites that are rich in latest, well written content which incur the interest of the readers thus can create leads. Those contests can be text, video, blogs which must be posted on your website. You must consider the term “well written” as by posting spam contests and blogs you cannot achieve higher position in Google ranking. If the contests are really unique, informative then only 5 to 8 blogs are enough for a month to stay in the higher position. The keywords must be placed meticulously throughout the posted article, and only the experts know how to utilize the key term to drag the potential customers to your site. Another key of success is to place your name in Google Place; it is a platform to reach to the local patients.

Build custom video for elevated Google ranking

Nothing can be a better way than video for demonstrating your service mode, SEO optimized video can elevate your position in Google ranking. Apart from that it is a great way to engage the visitors in your website for longer hours which will increase the traffic of your website. The more traffic means elevated rank at the search engine ranking list. A dentistry marketing house can help you in producing and editing HD quality video that displays your dental clinic and dental practice. These published videos are the indirect ways of promoting your service. Even like TVC you can also create video advertisements for online websites which is inexpensive in comparison to traditional TV commercial. From making to publication, every aspects of dental advertising are done by the online marketing house.

Empower social media as your conveyer

Facebook is a cost efficient way of targeting the local prospective patients and it gives you a scope to stay connected to your patients continuously, it is a great way to spread out your success stories and to inform the patients about the latest updates of medical inventions. In the huggermugger of advertisements you have to build a distinct image for your dental clinic that makes your service unique in the eyes of the prospective patients. This is an effective way of filling up your waiting room.

How can I hire the proper SEO specialist or online marketing service provider?

Well, when it comes to choose the proper dental marketing service provider you need to consider several aspects.

• Check previous jobs

If the organization is connoisseur in this field, then they must have dealt with several other projects. Before outsourcing your marketing section to an organization you must be ensure of the fact that the staffs of that organizations are efficient in their jobs and what was the outcome of their previous projects. Their reputation talks about their efficiency and success.

• Behavior towards the clients

As there is no clear-cut formula towards success in the spectrum of online marketing hence the dental office marketing specialist cannot bring success at your doorstep just in a single night. You have to maintain a long-term relationship with the marketing company. For accelerating your position at Google ranking you must stay connected to them for longer period hence it is important to stay acknowledged about the behavior of their executives and employees. Try to learn about the opinion of the previous clients to be ensured of the fact.

• Timeliness

Time is the most vital component to have success in any spectrum of life, it is said that, even right decision can proved to be ineffective if it is not taken at the right time. Hence it is important to such firm who delivered the project on predetermined time.

• Can they handle small and large business simultaneously?

It is important to maintain the status of an already established dentist or renowned dental clinic, but in comparison to that, different stratagems are entailed to introduce a greenhorn in this tough world where new competitors emerge every year. Hence the professionals who are involved with the organization must have experience in developing and maintaining websites for dental marketing.

Compare the service charge but never settle down for the cheapest

As we know the more we pay the more we get, same thing is applicable in the field of dental practice marketing well. The cheapest service package may do the basic tasks for you, but you will be never endowed with additional features by them.

Thus for having uninterrupted flow at your service, appoint a dental marketing company who are engaged in marketing dental clinics as well as individual practitioners. The experts who are associated with the firm must be up-to-dated about the invent of latest technology in this field, as by supporting your websites with information-packed contents like articles and blogs they can directly support the provisions of marketing for dentist in any city.


We provide a more comprehensive approach, which includes:

SEO and Internet

marketing for dentist

Social media


Dental Directory Business Listing

local company listings

Website design, Logo and Letter Head

online marketing design

Online marketing

exclusively for dental practices

Dentistry Marketing

in Long Term Care Facilities and Senior Centers

Telemarketing lead generation Programs

Targeting families, professionals and seniors

Press Release Distribution

for Dental offices

Taking Care of All Your Dental Practice Marketing

We specialize in dental marketing and our organization is committed to provide the best solutions to our customers for dental practice marketing. Our marketing professionals have the experience and expertise in dentistry marketing. We cater to the needs of our clients by way of carrying out dental office marketing so as to attract the targeted patients. As a professional dental marketing company we are well conversant with the treatment procedures that are performed in dentistry and our marketing personnel are familiar with the philosophy of dental practice. Taking advantage of our knowledge as well as experience in the field of marketing dentistry, we assure our clients to bring a lot of potential customers in to their fold. We successfully conduct SEO campaign for the websites of our clients and in dental website marketing we ensure that our clients get higher ranking on major search engines.

How We Generate More Client for your Dental Practice

Our outstanding SEO and Internet Marketing Services

We offer our highly competitive SEO package for marketing dentistry through your website. Apart from the SEO optimization of your website, we carry out intensive dental practice marketing by way of including your service in free as well as paid directories, carrying out advertising through social media, updating your website with fresh and the best quality content and providing incoming links to your website. We assure our clients to improve the ranking of their website for the selected keywords. As part of our dentist marketing activities, we recommend our SEO services to all our clients. In order to enable your website to fetch additional traffic our dental marketing company will provide your website with an advertising banner on the leading directory for marketing dental. We also help our clients to have the best dental website design that enables them to gain the maximum presence on major search engines.

Ranking for local searches with Business Directory Listing

We believe that in dentistry marketing it is all the more important to optimize the website for local search. When we undertake marketing for dentist, we ensure to maximize the online presence of our clients by optimizing their listing on Google Places. This will enable them to achieve higher ranking for local search and ultimately get continuous flow of patients that they expect. Among the numerous dental marketing ideas we give importance to the optimization of the Google Places listing because this directory provides a link to the website of the particular dental service provider and also the directory shows the name, address and contact details of the service provider. All the details appear above the organic listings when a search is conducted for a location based keyword. We also include videos, graphics and customer reviews to the Google Places listing as part of our dental practice marketing activity.

Website Design and Optimizations

Create optimize Website using the following Principles

    • Siloing of content to ensure your site is a subject-matter authority and visitors have all the information they need without having to go to another website.
    • Utilizing an SEO-friendly content to ensure the maximum benefit of organic search engine optimization.
    • Balancing text, imagery, white space and typography for readability and visual appeal to help ensure a good user experience.
    • Using color that conveys tone, interest and style, and helps drive visitors down the conversion funnel.
    • Placing graphics and buttons to support and amplify the site’s message and to also uphold the brand.

Promotion through social media, Face Book and Video Marketing

We carry out dental practice marketing through social media. From our experience we are convinced that for dental office marketing, social media provide the best platforms. The patients are regular visitors of social media websites. As part of our dental advertising campaign, we post the various dental services offered by our clients on the most popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The posting that we make on social media enable you to interact with your patients and they come to know about the outstanding features of your dental service. The promotional activities that we carry out on your behalf on the social media websites considerably contribute towards your website ranking. We undertake posting services in Twitter as well as Facebook, set up and optimize social media accounts, carry out video scripting and development.

Lead generation through Telemarketing

Telemarketing lead generation Programs – Targeting Seniors Groups, Local Families, Long Term Care and Assisted Living Families
As a dental marketing company we provide telemarketing services to our clients so that they can effectively communicate with their targeted patients. We can create an outbound telemarketing campaigns targeting seniors on Medicare or families with children. We perform as a professional telemarketing company and increase the prospects of your business within a very short period of time. The outbound telemarketing services that we offer to our clients are highly affordable and are 100% result oriented. Our telemarketing professionals are highly skilled in effective communication and they are proven experts in dental marketing. They are able to communicate the patients all information pertaining to your dental service in the most impressive as well as convincing way and thereby promote your business in the most effective way. Through our telemarketing services, we introduce a human touch to your dental practice marketing thereby making your service more acceptable to the patients. The qualified leads that you receive with the help of our outbound telemarketing services enable you to increase the sales of your service as well as various dental equipments within a short span of time.

Dental Practice online marketing

Our skilled group of online marketers can prepare online ads, pay per click campaigns and online lead generation programs for you to reach more dental clients. With every client we are committed to customization. We help our clients to create the most effective as well as user-friendly websites that become the favorite sites of search engines as well as potential customers. We periodically add fresh and highly informative content to your website and promote your dentistry service through the social media also. While adopting various measures to boost your online presence, we give adequate importance to inclusion of videos. Majority of the people who visit your website decide to opt for your dental service after viewing your videos. The visitors get the feel of your service from the videos. We help our clients to create the best quality videos.

Press Release and content syndication for Dentist

Onе оf thе secrets of a ѕuссеѕѕful advertising and mаrkеtіng campaign іѕ is to create news worthy information about your practice. Our Press releases will help reach various marketing goals whеn we create content from the perspective of a раtіеnt. Tо dо thіѕ effectively, lооk іntо thе nееdѕ, рrеfеrеnсеѕ, аnd соnсеrnѕ оf уоur prospective сlіеntѕ. Mаnу people, fоr example, are hesitant to rесеіvе dеntаl trеаtmеnt bесаuѕе оf thе fear of раіn. When thіѕ іѕ thе саѕе with уоur tаrgеt mаrkеt, include thе соmfоrtѕ оf ѕеdаtіоn оn dеvеlоріng уоur dental practice mаrkеtіng mеѕѕаgе.

As a dental marketing company our organization offers
our clients the following services:


Helps to design a website and provide the best quality content for Organic Search


Helps with Business Listing and creating a Google Places page


Blogging and Online Press Release Distribution Service


Video Marketing


Social media management like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and 40+ Social Sites


Promotes the dental service through telemarketing


Undertakes search engine optimization and Internet Marketing Services

Dental Practice Marketing for the following Specialties

Provided Social Media Marketing and Advertising for Dental Public Health events

We have worked with many public health dentistry community programs allowing local practices to cater to communities as a whole, rather than individuals as their patients.

Dental SEO Marketing for Endodontics

Many patients are referred to endodontists when they need a root canal. However, endodontists don’t just perform root canal treatments. They are concerned with the overall health of the dental pulp as well as the tissues that surround the tooth. Our Search Engine Marketing bring more brand awareness for Endodontist.

Internet Marketing for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

Many might know oral and maxillofacial surgeons as the dentists that normally remove wisdom teeth. However, with online marketing we help many local practices bring awareness that oral and maxillofacial surgeons do so much more. They can place dental implants, surgically remove tumors in the facial area, perform reconstructive and cosmetic surgery of the face after you’ve been in a traumatic accident, as well as TMJ surgery.

Search Engine Optimization for dental offices that specialize Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics

We help them connect with individuals needing help with correcting crooked and misaligned teeth. Everyone needs a pleasing smile.

Website Marketing for Pediatric Dental Offices

We can create a marketing and advertising campaign to help Pediatric dentists provide specialized care for children through adolescence.

Online Marketing and Lead Generation for Prosthodontics

every month thousands of seniors and professionals Google (fake) teeth. We help connect you with clients in need of crowns, bridges, partial dentures, and dentures.

We also offer special packages on Website design, online marketing, social media, logo design and more, exclusively for dental practices ADA Members

  • Consultant Dental Marketing is the leading provider of website design and online search engine marketing services for the dental community.
  • We have helped many dental practices across the nation create a strong Internet presence with state-of-the-art website design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media, logo design and branding and advertising.
  • Our team of experts will help you create a professional, engaging website that will establish trust and confidence with both current and potential patients.

ADA Member Value:

ADA members receive a $500 discount on website design plus a complimentary analysis of your current branding and online presence

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